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5 Small Business Blogging Secrets


3. Social Media: Be Connected!

This one sounds like a no brainer. So… why aren’t you doing it? Once you have established your blog you want potential clients reading it, otherwise what is the point? Social media is a fantastic way for people to find you other than a search engine. By linking your blog to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. you increase your chances of new clients coming to you from the vines of social media. Be sure to optimize your blog for social media, such as social sharing and social following buttons which easily expands the reach of your blog to potential clients.

2. Catchy Titles: Sell the Sizzle!

‘Exploring the effectiveness of blogging in a market setting’ wasn’t my first choice for this blog title. It sounds like the title to a scholarly journal. You want a catchy title that will get you clicks. Just like your content, keep it simple, brief and concise. Use keywords in your title to increase your SEO potential. For example, you are a personal trainer and blog about the health benefits of walking, Fitness Walking: Walking the Weight Off. The bonus here is that when you update older posts you can flip the titles to some other catchy title and magically: new hits to an old post!

1. Update Older Blogs

Once you have a barn full of blogs—six months of at least twice a week–you can begin updating the content of older bogs. This may sound like a daunting task, so maybe just update the popular ones first. Look at your blog analytics, find the popular ones and spruce them up a bit with newer content. It’s your ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation!

Now that you know the 5 Small Business Blogging Secrets get to it! There’s not time like the present to start blogging for your business!