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7 Books Every Small Business Owner Needs to Read and Why

You can say that embarking into the business world is not a joke and so many would-be entrepreneurs feel the same way too. But if you want to break the so-called barrier, perhaps, you have to be open to some good reads that could teach you how to handle the ropes towards a truly successful financial endeavor.

7 Books Every Small Business Owner Needs to Read and Why

Since there are so many books every small business owner needs to read, how do you go about picking the right one? Your case is simple. First, you have to jot down what your business is all about, your goals and—your fears. Look at what you have come up with and see which side of the business you seem inferior in. And don’t rush; you got plenty of time to plan.

Consider this: There are lots of reading materials to choose from but not all you need to know are found in a single book. As each point on your agenda is essential to your purpose, try to highlight each of your weaknesses and use the guide below that comes with a sample reading:

  1. Organize details: Lack of systematic flow messes up everything. “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael E. Gerber can teach you how essential it is to have a system in place. It makes you utilize that particular scheme to achieve a smoother flow in operations and enable predictability. This way both employees and customers are satisfied on how you manage your business.
  2. Identify your target: Many have read and got satisfaction out of Michael Port’s “Book Yourself Solid”. The author talks about spotting the right customers and knowing where to find them. Simply put, identifying people you know will patronize your trade is a priority. Not only that; Mr. Port advises business owners how to catch your target’s attention.
  3. Shed off some tasks: No one can handle too much work at the same time. Leave some to people whom you think are good at managing them. “Virtual Freedom” by Chris Ducker discusses the power of building a team of virtual employees to help managing operations at a lesser cost. You can never wear too many hats all the time. You need to breathe from work so there is a need to outsource.
  4. Create balance: Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is tops among books every small business owner needs to read. It carefully draws a demarcation line between the professional and personal sides of an entrepreneur. This masterpiece can make you an expert in performing in both fields. Additionally, the author narrates his experiences using anecdotal renditions of family situations.  Sounds light but really effective.
  5. Adapt to changes:  This is what Chip and Dan Heath are talking about in their book entitled “Switch”. They say change comes every now and then; therefore, smart business owners must know how to adapt to any situation to make products relevant in the eyes of consumers. Knowing when possible changes occur makes everything easier to undertake.
  6. Make use of technology: Josh Bernoff talks about how developing a social media plan can help startups in his book, “Groundswell”. The Internet has become a powerful venue to introduce different kinds of industries. Nevertheless, heralding your existence, marketing it and engaging customers are three different things.  The book introduces a process that can help you on these matters.
  7. Save for different purposes: Robert T. Kiyosaki categorizes income derived from a business in, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. He narrates how his father and his best friend’s father influenced his thinking regarding money and investing. He cited the difference between saving, investing and tithing and how essential it is to know that working to earn money and how money can work for business owners are not the same.

Whether you are looking to earn moderate income or wanting to topple your competitors, reading different books every small business owner needs to read makes you wiser. Now, who says that you don’t mind the risks and consequences in putting up something from the money you have saved?

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