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Periscope and What It Promises to Provide

periscopeThe more popular social media platforms seemed overly saturated in the last few years that, once logged in, you’d feel that everything has shrunk. The feeling of excitement is no longer there. Is there another way to re-experience the lost glory of online socialization?

Periscope and What It Promises to Provide 

Periscope would perhaps be the next stop of the tech-savvy generation. As many of us change preferences every now and then, this venue could satisfy our hunger for innovation. Apparently, this new social media site is a little of all that exists and presumed to be going on strong in a matter of time.

Painting a different type of domain

The domain allows video recordings and it doesn’t really matter if you uploaded a video done in an amateurish fashion; not all of us are perfect, anyway. What’s more—the site will not bill you for that.

Compared to Skype’s person to person conferences, the experience is not just doubled but massive. You will definitely enjoy this technology because talking to many people at the same time is more thrilling. This is an essential thing that online marketers need that many observers deemed impossible to achieve.

Its variety of features makes Periscope stand above the rest. It shows that the think-tanks created this app with its users’ expectations in mind and served them on a silver platter.

Another good thing about it is the wide range of users now hooked up with it. People of all ages, profession, genders and personalities merge in this promising platform. This borderless approach made it an instant hit to first time users; transcending through a wider range of audiences.

What you would like most is its live video streaming capability. While other video streaming applications, it enables you to converse with your audience. Isn’t this a perfect tool for social media marketers? Anybody can make good use of this platform, don’t you think so?

The lingo

The domain has its own unique language. While a live broadcast is called a “scope”, the one doing it is labeled as a “scoper”. Hearts are used in place of likes but the “follow” word remains the same as retweets and mentions.

Social media support

Twitter now owns this domain which proudly avers that the number of users have gone up four months after its acquisition. With its full support, it now has around 10 million users and still growing.

There are two ways you can use when signing into this versatile domain:

  1. You can go live while signed in on your Twitter account.
  2. Using your mobile number and logging into your account is the other option.

Therefore, you can send a notification to your Twitter account every time you do a live broadcast or a scope (it has its own lingo). Using both at the same time is not a problem at all. It’s like using two brands under one flagship. And the plus factor is your audience is multiplied several times over.

Competing with Goliath

In the eyes of tech masters, the app could become the strongest contender for the social media throne.  The emergence of this innovative means challenges the existence of Facebook, that some say, is currently conducting its own research to put up a similar feature on their end.

Periscope must have shown promising qualities that the top interactive media site is finding ways to hold back its rise to fame. Real time streaming is such an exhilarating experience and the social networking giant would not agree to play second fiddle and overshadowed by a newbie.

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