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4 Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Social Media

mistakesEven smart business owners make mistakes once in awhile but if the same mistake is done over and over again it no longer makes it what it is but a choice. Are you one of them?

4 Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Social Media

Let’s be honest; there are mistakes small businesses make on social media. This is because not all of those who go online and think of making themselves literally big in business commit errors somewhere along the line. But hey, even the most ingénue of all is prone to do the same. The human in us makes us that and we have to learn how to minimize if not delete the practice. Or can you?

There are several reasons why small businesses fail in marketing their industry on the net and there are quite a good number who failed big time. It can be wrong timing; wrong choice of marketing materials, or wrong social media channel. This equates to wrong strategy.

Looking at your own strategy through other people’s eyes

What seemed to be promising in the eyes of a neophyte marketer during the early planning stages may not be the thing needed after all! If you are in that position, what will you do? Would it be better if you consulted an expert to know the accurate strategy your business requires? Needless to say, two heads are better than one.

Collaborating with individuals who have expertise in online marketing strategies can offer huge advantages. Not all businesses are alike, not all entrepreneurs think the same way—that is why game plans vary as well. Here are four of the most common mistakes you may want to avoid.

Business branding

One of the common mistakes small businesses make on social media is combining personal details with that of a professional brand. Posting an image of you in place of your company’s logo is a good example of a “no demarcation line” kind of business. Let the voice of your business page speak not about your own personal tone.

People who are into this practice may forget that the page is all about the business and not their own. There is a tendency to become affected once there are customers’ complaints. Therefore, look at the profile picture; kill that emotion (and act like a pro). Plan an editorial calendar to have a consistent voice.

Wrong social media channel

Social media channels are there for a purpose. You must be aware that Twitter is more of the younger set, Pinterest is a popular venue for females and LinkedIn is for the affluent and educated.

Knowing your audience makes it possible for you to connect with the right people and being aware where you are logged on at a specific moment gives you the power to speak using the right tone.

Slack online activity

The world of online marketing is a demanding one. It follows that consistent online activity is a prerequisite of good business page management. Even though how busy you are, you have to log in at a particular time of day or post using a previously set schedule.

Some things may go critical and if left unnoticed you might end up being swallowed by competition. Paying attention to what’s happening on your page is a must-do for every entrepreneur. Yes, committing to a long-term goal needs vigilance.

Poor engagement skills

Besides inactivity, a poor engagement skill is another essential aspect that needs to be enhanced. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities that may arise or fail to mitigate on issues that need your utmost attention, do you?

Being proactively engaged with your target customers is what you need. Presence is not enough as you need to communicate in order to eventually get down to business. You can do monitoring by searching for apps on the web that can make you listen to the sentiments and desires of your audience.

Today’s consumer world has turned into Darwin’s concept of survival of the fittest where the weak has no place in it. Ergo, learning while on the job and erasing persistent mistakes small business owners make on social media is a must so as to further the goal of getting some success on whatever you want to promote.

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