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Lead Generation with Twitter

Lead GenerationPost a good tweet and you’d go viral. But is a one liner tweet good at endorsing your own product’s website?

Twitter: Assisting Startups in Lead Generation

Twitter has been around for almost 10 years now and still popular until this day. Its phenomenal success was praised by many considering its famous tweets look just like a brief remark compared to longer shout outs from other social networking sites. How effective are a few words if you are up to promoting something?

Taking on social media to reach a wider range of potential customers is among the best strategies of businesses today. Companies big or small spend less cost, less time, and most of all—less effort. If done the right way via the right networking vehicle, real leads can be generated in a matter of time.

Segmentation strategy

With the upsurge of different platforms across the huge social media setting, things have gone more challenging. Smart entrepreneurs have to constantly tinker with segmentation strategy to make sure the right message reaches the right consumers at the right time. 

Never think that online presence alone can make your business skyrocket to fame. It requires serious study on the kind of consumers you are targeting. Take demographics into consideration before you commence tweeting.  Surveys showed that these are essential information most especially when generating leads.

Take note of the numbers:

  • Users aged between 18 and 29 total to a whopping 37% while 25% of the lot are between ages 30 to 49.
  • Males at 24% outnumber the females at 21%.
  • Urban users are around 25% while 23% of the users live in the suburbs.
  • Topping the survey are 53% users who earn approximately 50-75K annually.
  • 30% are college graduates while 24% had some college education.

Generating leads and getting attention

A limitation of 140 characters per tweet gives you a reason to compose it using precise words. The size cap makes your tweet easier to scan and easily found by your audience.  Hashtags are used for more viewership and connection. The hashtag symbol enables your message to crawl across a wider range of user sites once clicked by another user that makes them land back to your webpage.

Twitter cards are out to assist you in your lead generation goal. Nevertheless, you have to utilize attractive images for these cards to work in your favor. Surveys were conducted on B2B companies that have utilized them and the results are excellent.

Never miss tracking brand mentions as well. Listening to people’s reactions towards your company is highly valuable information. Look for social media tools you can use to monitor these conversations so as not to lose opportunity. Track your company name mentions and your competitors’ names; industry-related keywords and misspellings that you commonly see.

Creating events can give your brand additional push. You can use time-sensitive chats with other users or host an event. Either of these must be relevant to your trade but not obviously pointing out to your company. Leave something to the imagination and users will want to know more about what you do. This is a good way to slowly convert your new-found friends into becoming leads.

Tech-savvy users have grown tired of watching TV ads and the Internet has shown them a faster way to look at what’s new, what’s hot and what’s not. With a page rank of 10, how can you go wrong in using Twitter to promote your new business?

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