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Managing your Small Business on Facebook

facebook likeSocial media has offered good things for individual users—check! But businesses found it ideal for their own advantage too!

Managing your Small Business on Facebook

Who doesn’t know what Facebook is? Everybody knows it as a social media website a lot of people raved about since its inception. What makes this giant of a social networking site tick?  And you must have heard of the short-lived Friendster that has faded through time. Why did it not stay long? What made people leave this network that it died a natural death?

Staying power that characterizes a brand makes up for its success. The longer you stay in the trade the better you become; otherwise you quit. If you manage your business using a long-term perspective, the fruits of your labor will be there for the taking. It does not hurt if you have spent months thinking on how to make it work. What matters is how you can make it last.

Building your online presence

These days we have seen many businesses using social sites like Facebook to promote their products. And why not: Marketing, selling and talking about your products online is not taboo. It is free and anything you post on your account is viewable by millions of users.

Building an online presence is an easy job but how to create engaging posts is what can make your audiences see your worth. Using social media to promote your brand and support your own website is nothing if your audience sees you as an establishment that works only to fill your coffers. Therefore, something has to be done to erase this kind of reaction.

What is far better than to make them think that you just want to earn from them is to create a bond that would make them stick to your business till forever. It is a case of give and take relationship. Constant engagement translates to constant, or even more revenues in the long haul.

  • Post pictures: This would tell them about your upcoming product or idea. Place a caption about an ongoing event such as the making of your carrot cupcake or take snapshots of your management team in action.
  • Post videos: How-to videos relevant to your brand make it easier for your followers to get closer to your business. Don’t fret if the video is far from perfect. Nobody’s perfect anyway. The more random it looks like the more people will like it (and it tells them you are human).
  • Share: You can share photos from other pages that are on the same category as your own industry on your page. The owner of that video will know that you shared it so he would come and visit your page as well. Translated as additional pair of eyes for you which could grow in numbers in due time.
  • Consider Groups: Groups can work wonders even for small businesses like yours. Inviting friends to join groups or events enables you to create categories that can determine their preferences. Chatting with them makes it easier for you to pitch, sell or promote.
  • Play with your audience: Boring is a page that does not know how to connect to its users. Draft a contest that awards the winners something about your product or the product itself. Contests excite diverse audiences which could end up for them asking for more.

Anything you post and share on any social networking site must go side by side with a link that drives your online friends to your own website. Integrate your account with social media sign in so you can accommodate all of your visitors. In no time, your small business will be on its way into becoming famous, stable and well-liked—just like Facebook!

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