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The Importance of Hashtags on Instagram

hashtagWhile social media sites were created for personals, some centered on businesses and others were made to serve both. Whatever your reason is in joining any of them, how sure are you that you are actually engaging your audience?

Instagram Hashtags: Raising Consumer Awareness Towards Small Businesses

The advent of social media apps like Instagram turned people into attention grabbers and wanted to let their friends and family relations know what they are doing [at the moment]. Have picture, will connect; post and people react. Because of the viral effect, business owners thought of riding the bandwagon and used social media to further their trade exposure. And somehow they succeeded.

As it is relatively new compared to other leading social media networks, it has shown excellent performance that led it into becoming hugely liked by its users. The virtual storytelling site is home to a community of over 300 million with diverse interests; culture, age, social status and the numbers are constantly growing.

Individuals using it for personal satisfaction are gaining a lot of exposure but for small business owners like you, there is a need to engage your audience and eventually lead them towards patronizing your industry. Take it as free advertising for your products. If you are good at strategy you shall receive favorable outcome.

Hashtags in action

Starting a small business using the Internet for marketing purposes makes use of this social media venue and hashtags are things to reckon with. You may notice that there are accompanying hashtags when people post on Instagram. These are words or phrases attached to a pound sign and usually comes in a different color from the original texts once you strike enter.

This single diminutive character once attached to a keyword makes a lot of difference unless you want to keep your small business account private. So, how can hashtags work to your advantage? Adding a hashtags to your photo caption or comment drives traffic like crazy.

Here’s why:

  1. People will find your posts easily even if they do not follow you. You do not have to be friends with those who click on your tags for them to see images you posted. This also multiplies the number of engaged individuals or businesses that may come across your site and probably stay.

  2. Clicking on your comment hashtags enables people to see other images with the same hashtags. However, never overuse the strategy so as not to lose your engaged audience.

  3. Using hashtags that are relevant to your business makes it easier for would-be consumers to understand what your business is all about. Anything you hashtag about should directly point to your brand. Do not post an image of a fish if you are selling meat.

After knowing how it works, you may now look at marketing from your specific standpoint.

Ask yourself if you have competitive advantage.  Of course, you are due to lesser competition. Like a big fish in a small pond you are more likely to reach your target audience faster than using Twitter or Facebook.

Ask yourself again: Are your images nice to look at? How sure can you be that people will like and repost it? Anything you post defines what your business is. Have somebody take a picture to make your posts look professional, creative and worthy of a comment [and a series of hashtags].  

It is true that starting a business requires hard work, tons of patience and a steady capital. Small businesses may not survive the rigors of the financial side and in time, they just fade out. But a good game plan like social media marketing has brought forth a breath of fresh air. It gave hope to those who lack money to support a long term goal by using a short-term strategy that produces results like Instagram.

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