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How Pinterest can Help with Page Ranking

page rankWe live in an era that has led business owners into using more sophisticated and beyond traditional ways to sell their brands. Yes, we are talking about online digital marketing that many have been into these days. How effective are these marketing venues?

Landing on the Much-Coveted First Page Google Ranking and How Pinterest can Help

Pinterest, like other social media platforms, have proven worthy of the efforts not only of startups but even to later stages of businesses. What’s good to hear is that possibilities these tools offer are endless. Other things to expect are cost-effective and user-friendly features they carry which make it easy even for the least tech-savvy individuals to use.

So, why are business owners drawn to these marketing tools? Simple. Aside from the ease and lesser operational costs, it reaches more than 200% of a company’s target market compared to traditional advertising. You can sell goods; ideas, food, and even the most practical thought you have in mind, present it in a simple manner—and the results are just awesome.

Adapt and learn more to obtain better results

A little learning goes a long way when it comes to marketing strategies. Never rely on what you know at the moment as it will not be as good as what is viable for the next six months. You need to learn how things work. Online marketing is not constant and before you know it, your revenue count becomes stagnant or production is less than a few months ago.

While social media marketing is so viral that it helped virtually unknown businesses to flourish, there is still a need for you to be at pace with competition. Marketing strategists never sleep at all and they are paid to think of ways to topple competing companies like yours. Paying for experts to stay on top is good but it pays if you lay your hands on some tasks.

Keep it simple

Sometimes, a gung-ho approach might just do better than the usual tricks. Why wait for months if you can be found using a few weeks or days? You can go straight to your audience and present your wares in front of them; not tomorrow but today. And why use lengthy articles to present your ideas or products when you can go to Pinterest, get viewed by many and land on first page at Google? Here’s how it can help you.

  • Pin strong, engaging videos or images: This attracts more users than posts with no visuals at all. You can use attractively-designed infographics as many people want to share them. Take note of the size and type requirements.
  • Create a group board: Other members of the group can pin on this collaborative board which is visible to their own set of audience. This means you are reaching beyond your own followers’ realm.
  • Be relevant: Pictures that speak about your business gets your website more traffic. Some pinners are curious that they want to go directly to your website to know more about a pin on your board. This gets you more percentages of visitors which can be great for search engine indexing.  
  • Old pins are alive: Good thing is, once your pin goes live, it does not fade out from new users’ view. Old pins can get repinned because they would become visible to newcomers. More traffic for you!

Building a stronger brand is easy if it is done personally and the simple way things are done at Pinterest is perfect for small scale business owners like you who have limited resources and time. To earn your customers’ loyalty, never forget that consumers expect brands that speak about their needs and not about your income agenda.

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