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Generating Leads with Social Media Made Easy

social media made easySmall businesses get early ROI out of social media and a lot of people say so; but not all of them have the same fate. So, just before you think of using it, educate yourself on things that can prepare you for the final kill.   

Generating Leads with Social Media Made Easy

Generating leads with social media had become a fad of sorts these days. However, not all of those who tried it have succeeded. Not all endeavors come out triumphant at the same time and this you have to understand pretty well.

Looking at what you have at hand

While others try their luck using their own skills, there are some who rely on other people’s help to make a difference. Why settle on what you know when you are aware that there are aspects you are not knowledgeable of? Isn’t it time for you to learn things to make you more skillful at? Think about it.

Hiring professionals who can make your dream a reality might just be the thing you need. If you are good at marketing your own product and good at following instructions, maybe, you may single-handedly end up getting back what you have invested.

The vehicles at hand

There are essentials to creating a successful campaign and online platforms that you can use to your advantage. You can count on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (in no particular order) when generating leads with social media. These are very effective tools if you are looking towards more visibility.

While they have common characteristics, they also vary as they deal with specific targets of engagement and different rules. Knowing what you are about to sell to your target audience and the way you want to present it determines the type of platform that fits your business; and this you better take note of.

Catching attention

If you think that creating an online presence is easy, you are right. You can create accounts in all of the existing online platforms and deal with your audience in different ways. Post images of your products with one-liners on Instagram. Publish articles about your brand on LinkedIn to catch attention of other like-minded professionals or a specific industry.

You may get Facebook likes for images using a few lines or tweet about your upcoming offering. But with these strategies, you are only asking for attention—you just want to see that your small business exists. If you have a business to promote, engagement is a thing you have to take into consideration.

Here are easy ways that can surely engage your audience:

  • Incentives – Contests that are relevant to your product are among the easiest ways to engage potential prospects. Many readers like to take home freebies, get an upgraded service level or extended product trial. With this strategy, your audience is more likely to divulge some information.
  • Gated content power – This strategy is very common and involves posting material, webinar invites or the like. You may catch attention from the curious lot who will leave information useful to your sales team during follow-through process.
  • Retweeting, liking, following or sharing – These actions may provide some success but only to some extent because some platforms punish users who ask too much too often. Your posts can be viral but information gathered from profiles is minimal as well.
  • Click-through strategy – More of an involuntary action, this redirects readers to another page where a form is waiting to be filled out. Not all who land on that page would love to provide comprehensive information, so, try using fewer fields so as not to possibly turn them off.

With these varied approaches in generating leads with social media, you may well be on the right track towards a wider reach and more revenues. Considering what you need and how you want it delivered is important for succeeding in your kind of business.

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