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6 Ways to Overcome Distractions At Work

overcome distractionsYour computer makes a noise indicating you have an email, your phone buzzes, someone starts knocking on your office door, and you swear you can hear someone calling your name. You completely forget what you were originally doing. Shoot. Just as you think this, your phone buzzes again and you quickly pick it up to respond. We all face distractions in our lives, but at work somehow the distractions are endless. What can you do to overcome these distractions and feel more productive at work? Check out these tips and apply them the next time you’re in the office.

  1. Manage Your Time
    First, learn what distracts you by keeping a log of what you do inside and outside of work. Next, see how you can limit excessive time on Facebook, checking your email, etc. Set specific times throughout the day where you can concentrate. If you need to rent out a conference room, or ask your co-workers for some quiet time, do so.
  1. Limit Checking Your Phone & Your Email
    If your job does not require you to respond immediately to emails, don’t! Set a ½-1 hour time limit to check your emails. If you need to, turn off alerts to you keep you from getting distracted! Text back your spouse or call your daughter during your lunch hour.
  1. Allow Some Distractions
    Working without any kind of break is not a good way to try to get things done. The best way to maximize your time is to take little breaks while you’re working.
  1. Schedule Meetings Back-To-Back
    Don’t waste a half hour after one meeting to wait for the next-schedule meetings back-to-back.
  1. Organize
    Disorganization can cause you to stress! Clean up your work space and throw away the things you don’t need.
  1. Sleep & Eat Healthy
    If you’re tired and working, it’s much more difficult to stay focused. Try your best to get adequate sleep and to stay hydrated. Also, eating healthy can give you more energy. Eat your greens: spinach, lettuce, etc.

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