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5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Social Media


social mediaThanks to RPM Online Solutions, we can provide you with this excellent post- 5 reasons your small business should use social media. Keep reading to see how impactful social media can be for your business!

According to Social Media Examiner, 83% of marketers indicate social media is important for their business. Still, Social media is an investment. It is an investment of time, money, and energy. It is worth it though-absolutely! Platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow companies to communicate with diverse audiences in unique ways. In addition, these platforms allow customers to respond to questions, give positive and negative feedback, and share stories! Here are 5 reasons why your business should use social media!

Reason #1: Affordable way to market

Hiring a few creative marketers can do wonders for a company on social media. How? Social media gives businesses the ability to do a lot on a budget. Plus, customers from a variety of incomes can participate in social media. It is for anyone with internet access and a device; therefore, the audience is huge! In addition, sharing information about sales and new items can be done easily and instantly without spending money on advertising!

Reason #2: Learn about your audience

With Facebook, a business can use the “insights” feature to figure out who its audience is. Also, the insights allows a company to see what your audience likes, dislikes, and engages in. Twitter also has an insights feature, so companies can find out more about its followers on this platform. These tools can help a business make better decisions in the future on what to post, and at what time. Encourage people to provide feedback by writing reviews and commenting on status updates. Doing so can help you learn so much about your audience!

Reason #3: Reach people globally

Social media allows you to reach people locally and in different countries. In other words, it helps you meet people worldwide! Using hashtags will help people find your company whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media has made it easier for your business to be found by other companies in your industry as well. LinkedIn is one platform all about making connections. With LinkedIn, you can connect with other entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business professionals.

Reason #4: Helps you improve customer service

Everyone has an opinion and social media allows you to express it. When you reply to comments and questions, it shows you care about his/her complaint or praise. Like we mentioned before, make sure to use feedback to make future decisions for your company. Also, responding to people frequently, and in a timely manner, will greatly improve customer service.

Reason #5: Makes your company “human”

Your brand can become more “humanized” with social media. What do we mean by this? Companies now have the ability to engage like never before to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with customers! By responding to positive and negative feedback, and by sharing relevant content, companies help motivate people to engage, recommend, and purchase your service or product.

As one can see from these 5 reasons why your business should use social media, social media is essential for a company nowadays! Trying to get started on a new channel, or for the first time ever?

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