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How to Get Your Emails Forwarded

Email ForwardOpening a new business? Have a huge sale going on? Need to spread the word about a new product? You’ll want to send emails out. If all your recipients were to forward the email to their contacts, imagine how many more people you could reach! We’d like to give you some tips on how to encourage people to forward your emails to friends, family, and everyone in-between!

1. Personalize

Use data about your email subscribers to personalize emails. Add the recipient’s name after dear ___, but also try adding a photo of the person, items he or she has previously purchased, etc. Generic emails can be boring; spice em’ up! Your subscribers will love it!

2. Make emails brief

Make your email short. Include a link to your website for subscribers who want more details. People in a hurry want to be able to briefly scan the email before forwarding. If it’s too long, subscribers may not have time to read it and ignore it.

3. Write about one topic

Don’t try to cram multiple topics into one email. Subscribers like emails focusing on one topic, so they don’t have to point out a specific portion of it before forwarding.

4. Make it appealing

Emails should be pleasing to the eye. Use fonts, colors, borders, and graphics. Keep it professional and representative of your company.

5. Insert a CTA

A CTA, or call-to-action, can greatly increase the number of shares you receive. Be clear about what you want your subscribers to do in your CTA. Also, make it easy to share by including links.

6. Make your email shareable

People are likely to share an email with helpful content, company announcements, or information about an event. Find out what your subscribers like most and focus on constructing emails with related content.

Apply these tips the next time you’re sending out emails and get them going viral!

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