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Tips to Incorporate Vision & Voice to Your Website

voiceTips to Incorporate Vision & Voice to Your Website

The phone rings, so you check the caller ID and see it’s your grandma. Naturally you pick up the phone and say, “Hello grandma.” Your grandma responds with, “Hello! Is this Johnny?” Your grandma has just mistaken you for your brother who is 5 years younger than you. How embarrassing! Similarly, in the business world, customers often can not tell the difference between your company and your competitors’. This is why you need to make sure the voice of your business stands out.

Ask yourself, what makes your company and vision unique? Once you determine what characteristics make your business stand out, you can start incorporating your vision and mission on your website, in your store(s), and in your future content. These tips to incorporate vision & voice to your website are helpful in building, or repurposing, your website with voice and vision! Enjoy!

1.  Determine your Tone

In a presentation given by Ann Handley titled “The Secret Sauce in Your Content Barbecue”, she considered a company’s tone of voice the “secret sauce”. She says, “Your tone of voice is not what you say; it’s how you say it.” She uses three examples of different “tones” of voice. She says the following:

  1. Do you have any mustard?
  2. Give me the mustard.
  3. Pardon me…do you have any Grey Poupon?

Do you see how these are different? Do you want your company to make people laugh? Is your company direct? Think about how you want to come across to customers. Ann Handley mentions the website www.crowdise.com; it has a distinct tone with the elements of culture, story, and empathy. To her, these three elements make up a company with a tone of voice.

2. Be Consistent

Your website should consistently represent your brand’s voice and vision. From the home page, to the about page, everything should be consistent. For example, if part of your company’s vision is to inspire people, provide sources of inspiration all over your website. If your company wants to make people smile, include text which does just that through humor, kindness, etc.

It’s also important to carry the consistency over to your social media sites. Posts should accurately represent your company’s voice. Profile pictures and cover photos should accurately represent your company’s vision. It’s also important that the vision of your social media platforms match each other. When possible use the same profile pictures and cover photos on each platform.

3. Make Necessary Adjustments

Revisiting your mission statement is something that should be done frequently. Remember, each employee should know what the mission of your company is and the mission should be obvious to customers. Don’t be afraid to try something new, or change something up. If part of your company’s vision changes, make sure your website changes as well. Maybe your tone of voice will change too- and that’s okay! Change can be for the better, so don’t be afraid of it.

Need help to incorporate vision & voice to your website? Contact our friends at RPM Online Solutions today! Your voice matters and we believe your company can make a world of difference.

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