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Break Through The Clutter On Social Media

Breaking through the clutterBreak Through The Clutter On Social Media

The following post was originally posted by RPM Online Solutions. Keep reading to find out how you can break through the clutter on social media!

Writing a tweet or post to break through all the “clutter” can be difficult. By clutter, we mean spam, irrelevant content, etc. It’s easy to overwhelmed by this clutter. So, how do some businesses break through? Follow the instructions below to find out how you can break through the clutter on social media!

Post Quality Content

In Mark Schaefer’s blog, “Are you a content marketer or a content carnie?” he mentions the principle of r.i.t.e. If you produce content that is relevant, interesting, timely, and entertaining, “it will result in the small interactions that eventually lead to trust, relationships, sales, and loyalty”. In other words, if your content is “r.i.t.e” it is considered quality content that will help build an audience.

Post Frequently

The size and type of business helps determine how many times it should post on social media per week. Generally it’s important to post on all social media networks at least once a week, but posting three times a week is even better. With the algorithms of social media networks it may even be necessary to post every day to reach your followers. 

Post On Different Networks

If you’re a smaller company, see where your top customers are spending their time while on social media. If it’s twitter, make sure to set up a twitter account and tweet; if it’s Facebook, post status updates. If you’re a larger company, try to engage on a variety of channels. Follow where your customers lead you and look to your data and see what your audience likes. If you received a lot of favorites on a tweet, use the tweet to write a message fitting for Facebook, a blog, etc. It’s totally okay to repeat and repurpose information.

Encourage Engagement

Make sure people have access to comment on your blogs, Facebook walls, etc. There’s no point to having a ton of content if there’s no engagement. People want to know their opinions matter and that they’re being listened to. So, encourage engagement and respond! Do so timely! It’s important, if you have a team of people responding, to never write in the first person. On TobyMac’s Facebook page, if he’s not the one answering a question or responding to a comment, he’ll have someone else respond and then type “Team Toby”.  This is a great way to let people know they’re being listened to, but not directly by TobyMac. Also, try adding pictures or videos to every post; this will increase engagement!

There are some general pieces of information to remember. First of all, post statuses you think your followers will share with their followers. This is how you get more followers. Also, never buy followers. Buying followers won’t increase business (which is the point of social media campaigns) and the followers could be fake or dangerous. In addition, buying followers doesn’t show strong work ethic and if real fans find out, it would hinder your company’s reputation. Just don’t do it. One thing to always do, is set up a Facebook business page! Put together a great about section; people will see it when they search you on google! Lastly, focus on great customer service and honesty. People buy from people they trust.

It may seem like a daunting task to break through the clutter on social media, but the most important thing is to start trying. Post helpful, quality information that your audience wants to read!

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