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Beginners Guide to Pinterest

PinterestThe following Beginners Guide to Pinterest we are sharing was originally posted by our friends at RPM Online Solutions. Read on to discover how to effectively use Pinterest for business!

Parties are the worst sometimes. You look around and think…how in the world did she/he even think of all this? It’s not that the party is bad; in fact, it’s amazing. Too amazing. Chances are, the host looked to Pinterest for help. Pinterest is packed full of great ideas, inspiration, and creativity. You can’t help but get sucked into the addiction. It’s smart for your business to want to get involved too. According to Mashable, there are 72.8 million monthly active users. So, your business is ready to start pinning? Learn everything you need to know in this Beginners Guide to Pinterest.

On Pinterest, you’ll uncover genius marketing strategies. Companies are using a mix of content from their websites, quotes, humor, and infographics to engage people. Pin quotes from intelligent leaders in your industry and interesting facts. You can even pin a blog post or a Slideshare presentation. It’s a great place for content inspiration. Feel free to follow other companies in your industry, but realize it may take some time to see what will work for your particular business.

To see how your pins are doing, check out the analytics. Reach your audience better and learn what’s working and what’s not. In order to do so, you have to have a business account on Pinterest.

It’s important to mention-SEO matters on Pinterest. Make sure pinners discover your account by writing excellent descriptions and using relevant keywords.

Many businesses are already taking advantage of Rich Pins. Rich Pins add extra information directly to your pins. The six types include product, place, article, app, movie, and recipe. These rank higher in search results on Pinterest and reach more people. On Pinterest’s website it explains you must prepare your website with meta tags, test out Rich Pins, and then apply to put them on Pinterest. 

On Pinterest, B2B companies can have success too. How? Pinterest can help direct traffic to your website, make your company memorable, improve SEO, build relationships, etc. It’s a place for B2C and B2B companies; yay!

To further increase traffic to your Pinterest account, reach your audience with Promoted Pins. Basically you pay to have your pins seen by more people. You must have a business account to use Promoted Pins. 

Why not include a visual of a pin in your email newsletter? By doing this, you can encourage more people to follow you. Choose an image, upload it to your newsletter, and link to a specific board.

Create and join group boards. Collaborate with other pinners who are involved in the same industry. You can start a group by clicking “create a board”, filling in the necessary information, and by typing in a person’s name or email next to “contributors”.  Next, click create. Since you created the board, you can remove people and pins from the board.

Build relationships on Pinterest by engaging with your followers. Make sure to thank people for repins, comment on pins, and send messages to pinners who follow you. When it comes to sending messages, invite pinners to collaborate on a group board, send pins, link to your boards or website, etc.

Pinterest is a great place to teach people about your products through tutorials. Share all your content like videos, articles, and ebooks. Share, share, share.

Males and females are active on Pinterest. Yes, most members are female, but you can still market to both genders. Use Pinterest as a unisex platform.

By following this Beginners Guide to Pinterest and pinning quality content with captivating images, you can boost traffic to your website which could help increase sales. Pinterest is a unique social media site and it’s not too late to get your business involved! Pin away!

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