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Social Media Tips to Benefit your Business

Social MedSocial Mediaia Tips to Benefit your Business: Here’s a blog post written by the folks at RPM Online Solutions that we thought would be very beneficial to those who would like to benefit their small business.

Being a small business means you have to make adjustments. Sometimes this means taking a part of what you have, working with someone else, and make the right things come together. This makes me think of the song She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5, “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along.” You’re probably thinking, “how does this relate to business?” Well, think about it… things aren’t always going to be peachy. Coworkers don’t always get along, a sale may fall through, whatever it is, we all need to learn how to compromise and keep going with our usual tasks. A big part of this is social media. Social media is at the heart of businesses. Media leads to increased business exposure, greater customer service, but could also potentially lead to mishaps or mistakes by the push of a button. Given below are trade-offs. Tips that are good for certain social media sites, but also things that you should probably lay-off of a little bit.

Get ready, here are the Social Media Tips to Benefit your Business:


You have to give-and-take! Be responsive to your fans/friends and target what they’d like to see.


  • You always, always want to post for maximum engagement right? So make sure not to forget to respond. Don’t be that person… your fans want you to interact with them, not ignore them!
  • Using pictures and hashtags are awesome! But don’t overdo it… don’t annoy everyone that likes your page, and just be appropriate.
  • You want to be fun, entertaining, and quirky, but watch the line – make sure to keep it professional because you are in fact, a business.


The whole twitter world is still new to many people! “How do I twitter someone” is a phrase I’ve heard more often than not, unfortunately. Let’s be real – if you’re going to use social networks, make sure you know the lingo. Twitter has actually changed how businesses communicate with others. It gives clients easy access to brands and allows businesses to interact with their clients easier and more freely.


  • You’re going to have a lot of cool things to say, all the time! But, you have to keep it 140 characters or less, and come one – everyone likes it better when things are concise but useful.
  • You’re going to have a lot of interaction, so please be sure to respond as quickly and as much as possible.
  • Keep it positive and upbeat! Everyone is going to have a bad day, but at least keep your negative attitudes off your page. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.
  • Find balance between business and personal tweets. It’s okay to be fun and interact with your followers, but you’re going to have to let go of some of the more personal things you may want to say and keep those things for your own page.

Google Plus:

Google Plus is like turbo for your already established brands. It’ll boost you – seriously! Google is the world’s largest search engine, did you know that? Why wouldn’t you want to get involved with it?


  • Make sure and keep the conversation going, mention users in comments but you have to keep it relevant – don’t sidetracked!
  • Share work! Others info is awesome! But come on, make sure you give the other person credit when it’s due.
  • Write content that will be relevant to your clients but tell personal view – let them know it’s you.
  • Use circles to manage relationships. I know Google Plus is great, but keep your personal life separate.
  • You want to visualize your page! Make sure you format your profile to a way that represents you (appropriately of course).
  • Lastly, Join communities – it’ll help boost your business.


Pictures are people’s favorite! Ever heard of a double tap? If you’re going to be using Instagram, then you should definitely get familiar with this term!


  • If you’re going to be on instagram, don’t ask people to follow you. Just work on posting great, quality images and let them connect with you.
  • Post often, you want to keep people interested, but be considerate and limit the amount of posts you have in 1 day (people will start to scroll right passed you).
  • #whenappropriate and #relevant
  • Be strategic – you need to post things that are relevant to your business and your audience.


Ready, set, get LinkedIn! I thought that was clever… maybe I should have rethought that one. Anyway, Identify what sites provide the best networking opportunity – seriously, it’s only a mouse-click away. LinkedIn is the largest online professional network.


  • Keep in mind – this is a professional setting – you need to keep topics related.
  • Filling out your complete profile takes time, but it will benefit your business and it’s an opportunity to open doors.
  • Always send custom connection request – follow up with a thank you. Yes, this will take time, but remember, we’re talking about trade-offs here.
  • Contribute, contribute, contribute. I can’t emphasize this enough! It help builds relationships and awareness.


Okay I’m going to point this at the ladies for a minute – be honest, how many of you turn to pinterest constantly when you need new ideas, recipes, or you’re just flat out bored? A lot of you do, I’m sure. Pinterest is the perfect place for all of the quick how-to’s.


  • Pin all of your content – anywhere from blogs to videos, I know you want tp keep exploring and be interactive, but you have to pin it to share with other people.
  • Share others content to create a variation of things. Oh, and remember – make different boards for different things.
  • Now again, don’t be lazy… have a complete description for every pin. If this may take too much time, you can make a pin schedule.
  • Share! But don’t edit links when pinning to other content – use the original source.
  • Space out your pins – you don’t wanna spam the news feed.
  • Finally, follow other relevant pinners. Keep up-to-date and it’ll help you stay upbeat.

Now that we’ve gone over the Social Media Tips to Benefit your Business it’s time to put your plan in action. Good luck, and keep coming back to this page for more in depth social media information.

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