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Small Business Guide to Blogging

Small business guide to bloggingOriginally posted on RPM Online Solutions blog under the title “Traffic to your Blog: Step by Step” this Small Business Guide to Blogging highlights the importance of driving traffic to your small business website through blogging.

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You just spent hours researching and constructing the perfect blog post. After having it edited, it’s all ready to go. Soon it is posted and voilá! You’re done.

Unfortunately, the analytics will prove the page view count of your blog is low. Why? Even though the content may have been phenomenal, you did nothing to promote your post. No one will know it is out there! So, how can a small business increase page view counts to their blog? Is there a way for blogs to stand the test of time? Follow our advice. We’ll try to answer your questions and provide valuable insight to becoming a better blogger in this Small Business Guide to Blogging.

Brainstorm Content

Before you sit down to write a blog, you need to think of a topic to write and research about. Try to think of a topic that will be just as applicable five years from now, or can be easily updated. Also, check to see what topics are popular socially. Enter a keyword or phrase into SEMrush to see the top ranking pages.

Make Post Pretty & Shareable

Include images, color, a few different fonts, etc. to enhance your blog post. Very few people enjoy reading what looks like an essay. To make your post easily shareable, try using a tool like Ivy by Filament where readers can highlight any text on the page and share it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Remember Your Audience

Who’s likely going to share your blog? Reach out to people who will! Contact them as soon as your blog is published and remember to say thank-you to them for sharing. In addition, think of promotional-phrase content that will encourage people to check out your blog. Use these phrases to help market your blog on social media sites. You may even want to look in the analytics to see what day and time is best to publish blog content. If most of your followers check their Facebook at 3 o’clock on a wednesday, share a link to your blog at that time.

Respond & Spread The Word

After a few days from initially posting the blog, engage with readers and thank people for their comments, feedback, and shares. Find more places to share your blog. For example, try Quora, a site where you can answer questions with links to your blogs. Keep resharing and reintroducing your content so it doesn’t lose traffic. Take information from your blogs and create slideshows, flashcards, and more!

With this Small Business Guide to Blogging you will be able to become a better blogger and reach your audience. Contact RPM Online Solutions with any other questions about blogging and small business marketing! They’d love to help keep your blogging up-to-date and professional. Instead of “Rock on” we like to say, “Blog on!”

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